“Dispute resolution mechanisms supported by international conventions: is it time to revisit the pros and cons among arbitration, mediation and state courts?”

Cristina Martinetti will be one of the speakers of the Panel 2 during the Ciarb European Branch Annual Conference & AGM (“The best international treaty for the best commercial dispute resolution methods… AND THE WINNER IS…”). The event will be in Venice on April 21-22, 2023. For further details, see

Cristina Martinetti will be discussant in the event dedicated to AI organized by the University of Turin. For further details, see the attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti will talk on the topic of institutional arbitration during the seminar “The Cartabia reform on arbitration” organised by the Turin Bar ADR Commission. The event can be followed online or in presence at the Fulvio Croce Foundation. For further details, see the attached programme.

Cristina Martinetti will talk about distribution contracts at the lesson organized by the Turin Law School.

Paolo Lombardi will talk about the legal regulation of online sales (both B2C and B2B) and the contractual tools needed to protect the company’s position in the digital marketplace. The webinar is organised by AICE. For further details and webinar registraton form, see the following link: https://www.aicebiz.com/it/associazioni/categoria/aice/it/formazione/seminari/E-COMMERCE-Aspetti-giuridici-delle-commerce/

Cristina Martinetti will talk about requirements for arbitrability during the course “Arbitration: clauses, procedure and latest news for statutes and contracts”. The event is organized by ODCEC (Order of Accountants and Accounting Experts), Piero Piccatti and Aldo Milanese Foundation and the University of Turin Management Department . For further details,

Elexi is proud to be one of the sponsors of the AIA-CAM Pre-Moot 2023 (8th Edition). The event will take place in Rome on February 23-24, 2023.

On March 9, 2023 the lessons of the first edition of AGAT Academy on corporate law will start. The course is organised and conceived by AGAT Associazione Giovani Avvocati Torino and Accenture-WCM Training&Consulting with the support of Acquaforte Consulenza e Formazione. The lessons are targeted at lawyers and legal experts

An article entitled ‘African Continental Free Trade Area’ (a free trade area on the African continent that, comprising 1.3 billion people and 54 states, will become the largest in the world) has been published in Mercato Globale, today. The article is written by Paolo Lombardi and Gloria Guglielmetti. The complet

Nicolò Maggiora and Hidalgo Brovida will explain how to draft the main clauses, providing practical examples and highlighting the most common errors. They will talk about the guidelines in choosing the applicable law and dispute resolutions. Webinar organised by Unioncamere Lombardia, Pavia Chamber of Commerce and PaviaSviluppo. Monday 5 December