Since 2018 Elexi has had a privileged relationship with the Belgian area thanks to the presence in Brussels of Emilio Paolo Villano, partner of the firm and contract professor of international commercial law and dispute resolution at the ICHEC Saint Louis University in Brussels.

Why Brussels?
Why Belgium?

    • Because Brussels is the center of European institutions and an international financial hub where about 2000 multinational brands have established their headquarters
    • Because Brussels has a high-level scientific potential and resilient economic infrastructures
    • Because the Belgian economy is one of the most advanced in Europe, which has always been projected towards international markets
    • Because Belgium is one of the main export markets for Italian exports

The Brussels Desk is a hub towards which the needs of Italian companies and law firms (but not only) in the Belgian territory converge and, at the same time, a point of reference for Belgian companies and law firms while dealing with Italy.

The Brussels Desk operates mainly in the fields of European competition law, international trade, extraordinary transactions (M&A), intellectual and industrial property law (IP), data protection, commercial litigation and arbitration.